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Healthy Equations

Healthy Equations is a program marketed by MediView that utilizes the ARIA network. Over the past several months there has been substantial interest and growth in this exciting new program. A major reason for all this interest and growth is due in a large part to the high quality and diversity offered by providers in the ARIA network.


Assurant health is individual and family health insurance for people who are self-employed or not covered by their employer. This health plan is sold through local agents and customers have the option to purchase the ARIA network. For more information about Assurant Health, please visit their website at www.AssurantHealth.com.

CMS Employee Benefit Plan

The Covenant Management Systems Employee Benefit Plan covers employees and dependents of Austin Regional Clinic and MediView. Austin Regional Clinic has experienced exponential growth over the past several years resulting in increased membership in the CMS Employee Benefit Plan.